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Why Answer Precise?

We are the number one small business answering service when it comes to quality, care, professionalism and the ability to sound part of your office.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for professional answering services, or a call centre needing additional resources, we can help you.

Free up your time

to get out and service clients, knowing your calls are answered promptly, courteously and professionally every time, by a trained Australian receptionist.

If you’re looking for a budget 24/7 ‘message taking service’ that outsource their calls to overseas, you’ve come to the wrong place. We are a premium business phone answering service for companies that want to outsource their phone answering without their clients knowing the difference.


  • Professional Australian receptionists that understand your business.

  • Operates from 7:30am to 5:00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

  • Phone messages are emailed promptly to you.

  • Calls can be transferred directly to your mobile.

  • A personalised voice mail box operates for after hours.

  • Our trained receptionists are experienced in handling calls for a diverse range of industries.

Business situations we provide reception services for include:

  • Start ups / Small Businesses
  • Staff meetings
  • Appointment and Event Bookings
  • Staff shortages
  • Call Centre Overflow
  • Time zone differences


Start ups

Don’t depend on your mobile phone to answer your business calls. What if you’re out of coverage, on the phone or just can’t take the call?

Small Businesses

Lower your overheads by outsourcing your reception.
What happens when your receptionist is on the phone, at lunch or needs to go to the bank or post? Seamlessly have your calls answered by Answer-Precise during these times… no one will even know!

Large Businesses

Require backup for your call centre during periods of high call volume?

Need to service customers in a different timezone?


Simple, competitive, no-surprises pricing. No hidden costs, no per message or per transfer charges. Just a simple monthly all-inclusive fee.

Answer-Precise 100

$270 / mo

100 included calls
per month

Transfers included

Messages included
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Answer-Precise 200

$485 / mo

200 included calls
per month

Transfers included

Messages included
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Answer-Precise 300

$645 / mo

300 included calls
per month

Transfers included

Messages included
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Custom Plan


Call us to discuss
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Temporary Requirements

Larger and Smaller Plans
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$80 set up applies. Prices exclude GST.

Frequently asked questions

We can have your account set up and ready to start answering within a few hours. If you're urgent let us know, we can do it in a few minutes!
Yes, we have a minimum 3 month agreement for our subscriptions.
Subscriptions are billed monthly at the start of the month. When you sign up you will be charged your set up fee and one month in advance, subsequent months will be automatically billed and charged via our secure system.
Your service will simply continue operating and you can either opt to upgrade your plan or you can just pay for the overs at the end of the month. Overs are billed at $3 each. Overs for the 300 plan are $2.15 each
Our focus is premium reception service and we only employ skilled Australian receptionists, based here in Australia.
We operate 7:30am - 5:00pm (AEST - NSW) Monday - Friday excluding NSW Public Holidays.
We are focused on providing a service for businesses where their callers won't be aware their call has been handled by an external party, a 24 hour answering service is a giveaway and takes away from that. We can offer the option of an after hours 'attendant' which can prompt the caller to press 1 if the call is urgent and send the call to another number, e.g. an on-call technician if you require.

What happens after hours?

You get a customized voicemail box, and any messages left are instantly emailed to you as an audio file, which you can listen to on your smartphone or computer.
Yes, you just divert your existing number to us. When you sign up we allocate you a unique phone number but we don't recommend advertising it because it will always be ours. If you don't have a phone number we recommend setting up a 1300 number - we can also provide this for you.
No way, it's a seamless experience for the callers and they will be totally unaware they are speaking to someone outside your office. Our Australian receptionists are professional, skilled operators with experience in a diverse range of industries and we will never tell your callers it's an 'answering service', like some budget services do.


Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!